GDG Team

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett


Greg kicked off his career in 2004 in the Automobile business. By 2006 he had launched Western Canada’s leading Vehicle Import division, and went on to import 1000+ vehicles and rack up sales in excess of $30 million in under 30 months all with just 2 employees. He has since made a massive career jump which landed him in the Energy industry where he has been involved in corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of Oil and Gas properties valued at over $1.5 Billion.

Mike Hoff


Mos Saleh

Community Developer .NET

Mos is an advocate for cloud and code for cloud. He started his career in 1993, since then he traveled for work and has been in Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America. Throughout his 15+ years tenure with software for energy industry, he wore many different hats, from field support, engineering and development to operations management, and built a reputation for a hands on, demanding and persistent task master. He decided to stand at the forefront of the fastest moving technology industry trend: cloud technologies and offerings, platform that is fuelling the industry wide digital transformation.

Mos holds bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and loves to share his 20+ combined years of experience in energy sector and technology arenas.

Lauren Oswald

Community Manager

Lauren’s adult life took off in 2011 in the non-profit sector, working with clients with developmental disabilities. She picked up and moved to Berlin, where she completed a MSc in Public Health that focused on Gender & Diversity. She has dabbled in electromagnetic field research, technology analysis and psychological assessment.

She has a passion for doing good, especially in the sphere of health & wellness. Her mission is to understand how social cognition and the environment affect health behaviour in order to nudge you in the right direction via technology and environmental design. She is keen to use Google Cloud Platform to turn this into action.

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Cloud Infrastructure

25+ year IT Professional who is continually evolving; most recently into a Cloud and Mobile-first enthusiast. He started his career in a big-4 accounting firm, spent some time as an IBM outsourcer, then opted for Oil & Gas experience in an International setting and came back to Canada to lead IT for a national audio visual company and presently run my own consultancy focused on Business Systems (ERP, CRM & Payroll)

His role in the GDG Cloud Calgary group up is to participate as best he can, to encourage cloud adoption, and learn and have fun along the way.

Stefania Sanson

Big Data, ML

Stefania is a hard working, positive and challenge driven oil and gas professional. Constantly looking for new ways to learn about what's coming next and passionate about new technologies - especially those that make everyday tasks simpler and more efficient.

She believes in people's good nature and in always looking for the positive in every situation. Collaborative environments and new challenges are what keeps her motivated. Looking forward to see what GDG has to offer!

Patricia Viscount


Patricia has changed career paths a few times in the past 25+ years. While she started out in radio and television, she joined the Canadian Forces for 14 years, serving on NATO tours in Bosnia and Kosovo. Getting old and not wanting to sleep on the ground anymore, she got a job in the energy industry… Today, she is a communications consultant with a variety of clients throughout Canada. Her love of travel and experiencing different cultures has landed her (literally!) in over 35 countries.

Shane Fast

MEAN Development

Sylvain Robicaud

Cloud Architecture

Mayesha Tashnil

Community Development, U of C

Alessandro Stoppa

Student Outreach, SAIT

Alessandro is currently in the Environmental Technology program at SAIT. His is passionate about the economic transition in Alberta and Canada.

Alessandro loves science, technology and nature. His biggest asset is his will, which allows him to reach any goals that he sets for himself. His motto is "Never give up, make peace with your weaknesses and improve your self-esteem".

GDG's Team craziest moments!

Alessandro's craziest moment was coming to Canada without knowing English or anyone in the city. He just jumped on a plane ready to start a new life and have new experiences.

Eldon loves to travel (and geocache) and the most insane thing he's ever done was to take his three children (under 9 years of age) to the Middle East for 3 years.

Greg once defused a bomb... by detonating it.

Mos’s aircraft was intercepted by RAF after taking an unscheduled detour over a major city in UK and caused concern to air traffic controllers, he was lost!

On D-Day, Lauren found herself on a French beach with Tom Hanks, the leaders of the Free World and Easy Company.

Did you know?

Besides being a Google enthusiast and SAIT student, Alessandro has already completed a degree in Laboratory Science from Unveristy of Piemonte Orientale di Novara in Italy

Greg blows fire and wrestles Gators. In 2011, he redefined skateboarding, ask him how, he can tell you all about it. He knows people, who know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

A few years ago, before deciding to start over in Canada to ge away from the spotlight, Stefania was a success in the show business, back in Venezuela she is basically a celebrity.

Mos experienced traveling to the edge of space to the altitude of 55000 ft.!

Lauren once saved James Bond by hurling herself off a cliff and into the water in a purple cocktail dress. Her Majesty’s Secret Service thanks her.